15 December 2020

A fixed background that clearly envelopes everything. Blue is a perfect choice; it would thus stretch to embrace the waters on earth and the water of the sky.

Chroma is a photography background with a neutral color, often green, greenish blue, or any other color that would go along with the colors of the photo session, to underscore the elements without merging into the multiple surrounding colors.

When I applied this blue chroma as a background of the characters I used to see, various parts of them vanished: characters, faces, and things. They have accidentally melted into the blue color of the background.

The story begins with characters and shapes whose features have been determined by the sunlight darting on the rocks, mountains, and old fallen walls, and other details. Those features that are altered each time with the change of light, as if they are moving pictures, have been living with me since childhood. Transparent vigorous faces supping the waters of the earth, reaching out to the water of the sky, to derive their features from the hue of the mother earth, and their vigour from inner longing for the water of the sky.

Water, face, home, sky and other things